How much does conveyancing cost

The cost of conveyancing can vary significantly depending on a number of factors which we have listed below: Compare prices online, its FREE to use

  •  The type of property i.e terraced, detached or a small flat.
  •  Part of the country you live in.
  •  The purchase or sell price.
  •  Cash buy or mortgage.

There is no set price for conveyancing fees. A buyer or seller of a small one bedroom flat would pay less than a person with a detached house, but even these prices can vary depending if you are using a conveyancer or a solicitor as solicitors tend to charge a higher fee even though they both do the same job.

To find the best prices in your area we have compiled conveyancers from across the country with their full pricing structures, simply enter the details of your property purchase or sale and click search, you will be shown full details of the cheapest conveyancing solicitors.

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